My artwork on display in Algonquin, Illinois


Great news everyone!

      Lake Geneva Sunset, Oil on Canvas

Three of my Oil Paintings have been chosen for public display by    the Algonquin Public Arts Commission and Village Board of Trustees.

They will be on exhibit at the Harnish Library, Eastgate Library, and Neubert Elementary School in Algonquin, Illinois for one year.

I had my initial training in oils at Holy Angels Convent High School, in Trivandrum, India.  During my Medical School and when my children were young I did not pursue this passion of mine.  Later, I picked up the art again.

For the last fifteen years my friend Padma and I get together at least twice a month to draw and paint.

Since 2006, both of us have had the pleasure of working with a wonderful Art Teacher and friend, Mrs. Debbie Howard at the River Art Studio in Algonquin.

While it is gratifying to be able to do work that you love and enjoy, to be recognized by      your peers is indeed a real blessing.


Hibiscus, Oil on Canvas


Mother and Child, Oil on Canvas






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  1. Shaku, what a gorgeous painting! Thanks so much for posting about your art. You indeed are a multi-talented person.

  2. Shaku I happened to see the head line of DREAMS, I do not know how, I came across that. But I love these two art work . More power to you.
    Also I love your good prose, and memories of Oak Park that always thrills me.
    Regards : Thomas Bose
    Carlsbad CA March 9 2014

  3. Great paintings. Don’t die soon, to get a huge price… just kidding good lady! Very beautiful indeed. Come and paint California beaches and mountaians. Free room and return for cooking lessons and talks.

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