My interview at WTTW Chicago

Last August I was interviewed by Mr. Eddie Griffin at Channel 11, WTTW, Chicago for two hours.
I think you all remember how excited I was to share my memories of Chicago, (I am always enthusiastic to share my stories with any one who cares to listen).
The program will be aired later this month.
Remembering Chicago, 70s and 80s
Channel 11, WTTW
Date: November 26th, 2012 Monday
Time: 7.30 PM
I believe it is a two hour presentation, and about seventeen people were interviewed.
My photos are included, I am told.
There will be pitch for donations for WTTW, as usual.
Most likely, there will be three or four quotes from me.
Still, I thought you would want to know.
Remembering where we are when Social, Economical, and Political events happen, and sharing our experiences with our children and grandchildren are important for many reasons.
In case of positive outcomes, the stories of our own celebration on the occasion  will make more of an impression in their minds than reading about it in the history books.
In case of tragedy, our reactions, and how well we survived, or could not survive, will give them intimate insights as to how they can react to events in their lives.
So, we will find out soon whether the tales I have told will make an impact or not.

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